July 10, 2005

Veni Vidi Vinci

He came.
He Saw.
He Conquered.

Say hello to George.

July 09, 2005

Job Interviews

Today, 'She who must be Obeyed' and I will be conducting a job interview with this little fellow to see if he wants to be part of the family.

Just kidding. I dislike animal testing - they get nervous and give the wrong answers.

But we will be talking to this little fellow and checking to see if he is right for us. He is 4 months old, wormed, microchipped, vaccinated and de-sexed. Sounds ... facinating.

July 05, 2005

House News

Well, we're now in the house and completely out of the flat.

We've been bombarded with well wishers and guests, which has been fantastic. The more people come, the more we can blame the slow rate of unpacking on them!

Apart from a few minor upgrades, the house is excellent and providing many hours of satisfaction. Still coming to terms with ancient ovens and freezing bedrooms.

June 23, 2005


My apologies for the infrequent posting as of late, but 'she who must be obeyed' and myself have just relocated house and were without internet for some time.

Normal broadcasting to resume shortly

June 08, 2005

House Huntin'

This is what will now be occupying our time.
Yes, its old.
Yes, its (shudder) pink.
Yes, it needs some help.
But this is the house that myself and The Boss have just purchased.

EDIT: Any help? - Why the heck did the picture refuse to show up unless I used 'Show Picture' (IE) or 'View Picture' (Firefox) when the image was on the acttoranaclub.org server, but shows up everytime on the holdenhistory.com server?